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Doodling in the Desert

With Desert Bohunk Doodles, you will find everything you

need in a companion.


Your furry pups life is started by being raised in a loving environment, learning and thriving while they are waiting to go home to a forever loving family.


We'll prepare them for life in the best way we know how and provide all the tips and tricks for once you get them home!

The rest is up to you but you are not alone...

I will be a phone call, text or email away

for the rest of this babies life and after.

Whether you're in state, out of state or beyond,

I make sure you have a partner by your side in every sense of the phrase.

Certifications & Recognitions

Badass Breeder Certified
Puppy Culture Breeder
Avidog Breeder

**Meet us on the Available Puppies tab**
*Maevis Lanae X Big Hanks Multigenerational Saint Berdoodles (100-125lbs) Born 3/01/24
Newfiedoodles (60-90lbs) Expected late winter/early spring 24/25
*Fayes Saint Berdoodles (90-110lbs) Expected Spring 24/25

Maevis' litter is ready for homes NOW! Due to their size, they will be available for local families only or those within driving distance. If you live further and would like to use ground transportation, you would be responsible for finding a reputable company as I don't currently have one I work with.  Please follow us on IG for updates or fill out the contact form. 

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Desert Bohunk Doodles & Poodles


Happiness is a Furry Puppy.

We produce ethically homegrown large breed family members covered in hair and full of love.


While raising a litter we put an incredible

amount of time, energy, knowledge, love and thoughtfulness into giving our pups the greatest foundation for what we hope will give our pups their best life.


We proudly incorporate Early ENS training, Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder curriculum into raising our furry friends. We complete genetic testing for our Dams and Sires with Optimal Genetics to ensure we keep any unwanted genetics from being reproduced. Being that we intentionally produce furnished (traditional bearded) and unfurnished (smooth snout/no beard) puppies, each puppy is individually coat tested with Animal Genetics.

We strive to use as much science backed resources as possible in producing the
healthiest puppies we can, with confidence
we offer a year health guarantee covering
hereditary/genetic diseases.

Desert Bohunk Doodles & Poodles


AKA Newfypoos or Newdles

One of my lifelong favorite breeds and IMO one of the most majestic, the Newfoundland. Calm and Loving, Docile, highly Loyal, Intelligent and Curious. Sadly purebreds often have a shorter lifespan of 8-10 years. By carefully pairing with a poodle, we hope to reduce any inherited genetic flaws and extend the lifespan with the poodles longevity of 12-15 years. Two loving, trustworthy breeds bringing your family the newfiedoodle.

Pictured left, our future dam Darcy Florence produced by our own Nora Bea


AKA Saint Bernadoodles

Family... meet your new best friend. BFGD. Big Friendly Giant Dog. They love nothing more than to be by your side with you and yours in their watchful eye. Their goofy, loving, tolerant selves want to be everybody's best friend. Like other large purebreds their lifespan is shorter and we aim to change that with this beautiful mixed breed by careful selection and genetic testing.

Pictured at right our future dam Maevis Lanae produced by our own Fiona Faye

Saint Berdoodles by Desert Bohunk Doodles

What Clients Say

Please let me know if you have any more litters planned for future. We are over the moon obsessed with Nova. She is so confident, happy, playful and healthy!! Thank you for doing such an amazing job with her!!

Kelsey B.

BearXSwayze  Edna

client of Desert Bohunk Doodles
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