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ABOUT Desert Bohunk Doodles & Poodles


Hi, I'm Dani Eaton

I'm the breeder behind Desert Bohunk Doodles located in Mesa, AZ.


We produce ethically homegrown large breed family members covered in hair and full of love. We match our darling pups as companions in pet only homes with hopes of giving them the vest possible lives with their families!

I've lived in western states my whole life and never not had a dog. I love the heat and outdoors. I'm a busy mother of 5 very active children! We've just built our dream house. I have a passion for helping, for children, animals, up-cycling, and crafting! We have chickens, cats, and fish. We run a family-owned children's action sports facility. We pretty much do everything as a family.

I had to put down my golden mix at only 6 years old, The King- My Choncho Boy. He was a rescue we adopted at a few months old. He developed hip dysplasia at a young age unbeknownst to us, we just thought he had a little old man personality. By the time diagnosed it was too late. He needed a double hip replacement with a poor outcome. I was determined to educate and produce healthy family members.

Our program is an extension of our family, we love each and every pup. Being family-run, our pups come very socialized with children of all ages from toddlers to seniors. We use Puppy Culture, AviDog, Badass Breeder curriculum & testing to ensure we carefully choose the best fit pup for each family. We send them home to (currently) local only families with unique oak artisan-made puppy packages.

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